What is NorthstAr?
NorthstAr is a fully integrated software solution custom designed from the ground up for distributors of printed business products. NorthstAr consists of two parts: A back-end which you use to manage your business, and a web-based front-end which your clients use to track products, inventory, shipments, and invoices, as well as track and place orders. 

What are NorthstAr’s Features?

  • Real-time connectivity between web-based front-end and back-end: Customers receive instant, up-dates on order tracking, order status, and item inventory.
  • No re-keying of customer data received on web-based front-end system: Customer warehouse releases can be printed directly at the warehouse without any distributor involvement.
  • Distributor and customer access to system from anywhere in the world where internet connection is available: Anywhere you can access the internet, you have access to your entire system; from office, home, hotel, airport, anywhere.
  • Easy and inexpensive customization for custom requirements: Results in the ultimate in special solutions for select customers.
  • Full visual cataloging of customer items available through through easy-to-use systems.
  • Fast data entry systems provide low useage cost and high productivity.
  • Direct electronic transmission of transactional data to PFG for billing and payables.

How does NorthstAr Work?
NorthstAr is not a program that you buy and install on your computer; rather, it is an Application Service Product (ASP). This means that you access it entirely through the internet; there is no software for you to install on your own computer. 
The advantages of an ASP are many:

  • No large start-up expenses (no costly software or hardware to buy).
  • No need to hire an IT staff (we take care of all server maintenance issues).
  • No data backups to worry about (we backup all your data every day & keep copies off-site for added security).
  • No time-consuming upgrades to install (there is nothing to install ever; when the software is improved or upgraded, we take care of the software on the servers, including any required data migration).