Allstream Continuing Their Testing

I just got off the phone with a 2nd-tier support technician with Allstream (Our T-1 internet provider). They have been continuing to work on the problem causing the intermittent issues on our T1 line.

Generally-speaking they are doing intensive testing after-hours, generally after 9:00pm every night (*) in an attempt to identify or isolate where the problem is happening. I appreciate that until the problem is fixed, it looks / feels like nothing is being done, but this is not the case. 

The testing will continue again tonight (after 9pm) and will continue until the problem is finally resolved.

* If you are using the system after business hours and you experience system problems overnight, please let me know the time if possible. Due to the intensive nature of the tests Allstream is running to try to locate the problem (sort of stress-testing the system) it’s possible that some outages / connection drops could be a result of the testing and not a result of the actual problem they’re trying to find.

Posted on 2009.04.22 14:50 by Violet